For Immediate Release

Lacie Randall
Chief Creative Officer

Life Sciences Company Expands Team

CAMBRIDGE, MA— December 14, 2016 — SHEPHERD Therapeutics, a life sciences company founded to cure rare cancers, today announced the appointments of Jamie Dempsey Barber, PhD and Lacie Randall to serve as Chief Research Officer and Chief Creative Officer, respectively. “The appointments of Jamie and Lacie add crucial value to SHEPHERD’s scientific projects and marketing strategy,” said SHEPHERD founder and CEO David Hysong. “Jamie and Lacie bring incredible dedication to the company along with considerable experience in their respective fields. I look forward to working with both of them to create a patient-oriented company that delivers dynamic therapies for rare cancers.”

“After meeting David and hearing his story, I became infected with his excitement and determination to fight for patients of rare cancers. Once I started digging into the state of research and really understanding how sparse the drug development for rare cancers is I realized how great an impact SHEPHERD could have for these neglected patients,” said Dr. Dempsey Barber. “My role at SHEPHERD includes all things cancer biology related, including working with our team to identify rare cancers and determine the best therapeutic path forward.”

“This position at SHEPHERD allows me to utilize my experience in both nonprofit and for-profit companies to tell a story that desperately needs telling: the story of millions of patients suffering from rare cancers,” said Ms. Randall. “I am passionate about using innovative design to communicate this story in a thoughtful, urgent way that stresses both the scope of the problem and the dignity of the individuals fighting rare cancer day to day.”

About Dr. Jamie Dempsey Barber
Before joining SHEPHERD, Dr. Dempsey Barber was the head teaching fellow for both molecular and cellular biology courses at Harvard. Additionally, she instructed “The Biology of Cancer,” a course taught through the Harvard Extension School. During her Ph.D. studies, Dr. Dempsey Barber worked in Dr. John Blenis’s lab, focusing on the mTOR signaling pathway and alternative splicing regulation. Previously, she spent two years as a post-baccalaureate fellow at the National Cancer Institute, where she studied in Dr. Jonathan Wiest’s laboratory, focusing on the MAP kinase MAP3K8. Dr. Dempsey Barber holds a B.S. from Austin Peay State University and a Ph.D. in cell biology from Harvard University.

About Lacie Randall
Prior to SHEPHERD, Ms. Randall has helped create multiple American Advertising Award-winning campaigns for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Working with Major League Baseball, the National Football League, Publix, and Hermès, Ms. Randall has developed an appreciation for innovative design and creative resourcing. Ms. Randall holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Communication from The Florida State University.

About SHEPHERD Therapeutics
The mission of SHEPHERD Therapeutics is to cure rare cancers. Founded by a rare cancer patient, SHEPHERD is a life sciences company relentlessly focused on using deep disease understanding, development expertise, and unwavering commitment to save people dying of neglected rare cancers. SHEPHERD is changing the traditional economics and timeline of drug development, delivering better treatments faster for patients who previously had none. To join the mission or learn more, visit