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Lacie Randall
Chief Creative Officer

Mission-Driven Biotech Strengthens Resources to Cure Rare Cancers

CAMBRIDGE, MA— December 14, 2016 — SHEPHERD Therapeutics, a life sciences company founded to cure rare cancers, today announced the appointments of Abby Reiner, Elizabeth Hostetter, and Jon Goetz to serve as Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Strategic Research Analyst, respectively. “I am very excited to welcome Abby, Elizabeth, and Jon to the Shepherd team,” said David Hysong, patient, founder, and CEO of Shepherd. “These three individuals exemplify our desire to create a diverse team that brings a wide array of skills and experiences to our work. I am confident that Abby, Elizabeth, and Jon will each bring a unique perspective to our team dynamic and contribute profoundly to cure rare cancers.”

“I was really motivated by David’s story. His and the countless others’ I’ve heard since joining SHEPHERD are so powerful that if my talents can contribute to SHEPHERD’s mission to cure rare cancers, I’m in,” said Ms. Reiner. “SHEPHERD also has a world class team of experts of which I’m thrilled and humbled to be a part.”

“I am thrilled to be joining SHEPHERD at this pivotal moment,” said Ms. Hostetter. “David has been incredibly thoughtful in putting this team together. We share an energized commitment to change the outlook for patients with rare cancer and, in a few short months, have made extraordinary progress towards that goal. We are moving into the new year with an array of dynamic projects and I look forward to driving the momentum forward into the next phase of growth for SHEPHERD.”

“Although my experience lies in education, the mission of SHEPHERD embodies my passion in cultivating the wellbeing and personal flourishing of all people, regardless of situation,” said Mr. Goetz. “Health, like education, is a fundamental human right and I am excited to support Shepherd’s work through research and collaboration with the rest of the team.”

About Abby Reiner
Abby Reiner comes to SHEPHERD with a wealth of branding experience gained through work with the Wounded Warrior Project, PGA Tour, and Nike Golf Learning Centers. In her 10 years with the Wounded Warrior Project, Ms. Reiner established the brand architecture, visual brand assets, physical presence, and tangible brand experiences. Ms. Reiner led her team at Wounded Warrior in a 10-year anniversary campaign that encompassed a documentary film series picked up by MSNBC and Netflix. Ms. Reiner has been published by the Journal of Brand Strategy for her work in nonprofit brand protection and holds a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State University.

About Elizabeth Hostetter
Prior to SHEPHERD, Elizabeth Hostetter worked as a consultant at Bain & Company where she advised companies across sectors to grow profitably, optimize costs and launch commercial products. Ms. Hostetter has experience in healthcare investment banking for Goldman Sachs and scientific research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. While completing her Master’s Studies in Business, Ms. Hostetter worked at Third Rock Ventures, a life sciences venture capital firm. Ms. Hostetter holds a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

About Jon Goetz
Jon Goetz joins SHEPHERD with a passion for research and instruction. As an undergraduate, Mr. Goetz worked with Breakthrough Collaborative, a national nonprofit focused on increasing academic opportunity for highly motivated, underserved students. Mr. Goetz holds an A.B. in History and a secondary in English Literature from Harvard University.

About SHEPHERD Therapeutics
The mission of SHEPHERD Therapeutics is to cure rare cancers. Founded by a rare cancer patient, SHEPHERD is a life sciences company relentlessly focused on using deep disease understanding, development expertise, and unwavering commitment to save people dying of neglected rare cancers. Shepherd is changing the traditional economics and timeline of drug development, delivering better treatments faster for patients who previously had none. To join the mission or learn more, visit