Rodrigo Bravo

Senior Research Analyst

Rod Bravo is a Gates Millennium Scholar who graduated from Harvard College in 2016 with a concentration in cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology, with significant additional coursework in neurobiology and health policy. During his time at Harvard, he worked in the labs of Dr. Dan Gilbert (Stumbling on Happiness) and Dr. Richard McNally, and served as a a political advocate for Partners in Health Engage under Paul Farmer. Rod has worked in marketing and strategy at multiple startups in both Atlanta and Silicon Valley, one of which went on to acquisition by Oracle.
As an aspiring physician-entrepreneur and healthcare strategist, Rod’s passion for SHEPHERD’s mission is driven by his experience enduring and overcoming a rare disease typically characterized by less-than-ideal outcomes. As a breathing testament to successes in treating rare disorders, Rod embodies our rage to live and strives to instill that in others.