The idea


  • David never got the opportunity to serve in uniform due to his cancer diagnosis. However, he soon met a 6-year-old blonde-haired little girl with the same head and neck cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC). And then a 30-year-old with a similarly rare form of cancer without any approved treatment. And then another rare cancer patient. And another. And another. In less than eight months after he had been diagnosed, David leveraged his Harvard network and partnered with former Genzyme Senior Vice President Gene Williams to found SHEPHERD Therapeutics. What began as a rage to live and determination

  • to save the life of that little girl and patients like her, became a company “by a cancer patient for cancer patients.” SHEPHERD has since brought on a team of scientists, investors, and pharmaceutical veterans who believe that given the technology, resources, and biological understanding we have as a society, we will solve the problems we decide to solve. No one should be left to die. Not at 6, nor at 27, nor at 45, nor at 68. We will not go down without a fight. And we will continue to relentlessly turn research into medicine until every rare cancer patient lives.