The action

Our process

Start with the problem

Our process is designed to seek out the best therapeutics and delivery mechanisms for rare cancer patients. This process allows us to think critically about the underlying cause of the disease and to identify and test the most promising strategies relevant to rare cancer. This allows SHEPHERD to truly be platform agnostic.

  1. SHEPHERD is different from other pharmaceutical companies because we ask: “What approaches can save the lives of rare cancer patients?,” rather than: “What disease can I address with my approach?”
  2. SHEPHERD is committed to developing a “new normal” – an ultra-fast, ultra-efficient process for rare cancers.
  3. SHEPHERD started with a mission and the determination to conquer a seemingly intractable problem. Millions of people are diagnosed with rare cancers for which there are no treatment options. Despite the current development landscape, we believe that the technology, information, expertise, and resources to treat those diseases do exist.