Our Approach

Laboratory Approach

  • SHEPHERD pursues drug development in a platform agnostic manner letting biology drive how we target specific rare cancers using state of the art technology. Using the knowledge and expertise within our laboratories, we can rapidly evaluate potential drug candidates alone or in combination with other therapeutics against multiple rare cancer indications.

    Current efforts are centered on developing agents that display activity against a broad range of rare cancer indications. In addition, therapies are also being explored which exploit biological
    processes known to be dysregulated in specific rare cancer indications.


  • Our development process includes both hand curation of data and computational analysis to aid in the identification of new therapies and collaborate with key opinion leaders in both academia and industry to ensure access to the latest information and tools. This approach allows our researchers to pair a given drug candidate with
    particular rare cancers based on molecular mechanisms.

    SHEPHERD is committed to developing long term relationships with patients and patient foundations to help guide our approach and achieve optimal outcomes. Through these efforts, we continue to increase our knowledge and develop collaborations to help identify
    new therapeutic options.


SHEP-001 is a small molecule with action on major pathways that has demonstrated pre-clinical efficacy in 15 rare cancers and is currently being tested in additional indications.

SHEP-002 is a small molecule with action on cell division that has shown efficacy in several rare cancers.