Louie Treuting

Mathematical Analyst

SHEPHERD welcomes Louie, a scholar of applied mathematics and computation. His work entails researching and developing modern methods behind drug combination and synergy, as well as engineering novel machine learning methods for SHEPHERD’s proprietary discovery engine. His specific areas of interest include Volterra and Fredholm integral equations for the study of predator-prey population dynamic models, as well as oncological game theory and methods within mathematical biology.
Louie graduated magna cum laude from Spring Hill College, a small Jesuit college in Mobile, Alabama, where he was captain of the varsity track and field team, as well as an academic and athletic scholar.
Louie recently hiked 442 miles across the north of Spain on El Camino de Santiago. By virtue of his Louisiana roots, he likes to cook, but
enjoys eating more. Louie looks forward to attaining his PhD in biomedical engineering.