Katherine Arline

Information Officer

Kate comes to SHEPHERD with an unusual story. Her first career was in small press publishing, where she ran two literary magazines and a small press that published work from and interviews with from Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners — before the age of 22. That work made her realize the power of design and technology to drive innovation and develop new realities about what business can be. For the next ten years, she ran an independent design and development firm that contracted with clients that varied from small businesses and startups to major corporations including Fidelity, RE/MAX, and Jackson Hewitt.
In 2010, looking for a new perspective, Kate began her studies at Harvard University Extension school. While working full time, she served for over two years as a Harvard research assistant, ultimately earning an ALB degree with a concentration in economics and minors in quantitative analysis and government. While at Harvard, Kate discovered her love for a new type of “design” — statistics and data analysis.
In 2015, she and her co-founder launched a startup, eventually backed by the Harvard Innovation Lab, that used wearable devices and data analytics to predict and prevent burnout in nurses — a $2 billion problem. But in late 2016, Kate‘s fiancé was diagnosed with oligodendroglioma, a rare brain cancer whose standard of care includes the use of chemotherapies more than 40 years old. She quickly refocused on SHEPHERD’s mission.
In her current role, Kate uses her experience as a developer, technologist, and budding analyst to search for, organize, and assess research. The common themes in her work are a passion for entrepreneurship, a drive to adopt new technologies for uncommon purposes, and a love for taking dozens of seemingly disconnected threads and weaving them into new solutions — whether it’s a new application, a new company, or a new opportunity for SHEPHERD.
She is a native of Norfolk, Virginia and was not keen on writing her bio.