Jon Goetz

Strategic Research Analyst

shepherd-045_jon_1070x1070A passionate reader and writer, Jon has pursued opportunities in education and mentorship both academically and professionally. As an undergraduate, Jon worked with Breakthrough Collaborative, a national nonprofit seeking to increase academic opportunity for highly motivated, underserved students and put them on a college trajectory. Jon’s passion for promoting the dignity and personal flourishing of all individuals, regardless of circumstance, connected him with SHEPHERD. Jon is energized by the opportunity to research and analyze the world of rare cancers and the development of cures. Jon holds an A.B. in History and a secondary in English Literature from Harvard University.

Jon wins the award for most eclectic hobbies – he captained his club soccer team, teaches a college pottery class, makes his own bread, has a passion for great literature and does his Finnish roots proud in obscure winter sports like cross country skiing and speed skating.