David Hysong

Founder, Patient & Chief Executive Officer

“My bio is the same as every other rare cancer patient. I had a life plan. I was unexpectedly diagnosed. And now am not going down without a fight. I’m honored to have the opportunity to fight not only for myself, but for every rare cancer patient with no one else to fight for them. And I’ll keep fighting until every one of them lives.”


David is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SHEPHERD and the Executive Director of the SHEPHERD Foundation.  He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and Spotlight Health Scholar at the Aspen Institute.  David previously founded an NGO that worked with refugee children, worked as an undercover investigator against the sexual enslavement of children in Southeast Asia, and was in the training pipeline for Special Operations in the U.S. Military until he was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in 2015. David combined the innovation, fearlessness, passion, determination and desire to save the lives of others, which had marked all of his previous endeavors, to found SHEPHERD with one goal in mind – to save the life of every rare cancer patient. David holds a B.A. in Economics, Philosophy and French Literature from Transylvania University, a M.A.L.A. in Intellectual History from St. John’s College, a M.Div from Harvard University in Religion, Ethics & Politics, and is currently completing his Executive MBA through the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School.